Baptism is a sign of inclusion and incorporation within God’s family, and accordingly, as the vast majority of Christians throughout the centuries have agreed, the sacrament is open not just to those who may be able to profess their faith publicly, but to children of believers, as well, whom Christ has specifically set aside a place for within His Kingdom.

Those who wish to profess their faith in Christ and be baptized, as well as the parents of children who are presented for baptism, are asked to make a sacred promise, and in turn, the congregation makes a commitment unto each individual who is baptized, to support and pray for them as a part of our covenant community.

Baptisms may be arranged by contacting Hazel Catteral or by making an appointment to speak with a pastor.


Holy Communion, also known as the Lord's Supper or the Eucharist (from the Greek word for "thanksgiving") is the family meal of all those who are a part of the Body of Christ, a means of sharing in His ongoing life and anticipating the great Bridal Feast that awaits all believers in Heaven. (Matthew 22 and Revelation 19). When we gather together to celebrate this sacrament we believe that the table of the Lord is open to all who may be present, too, irrespective of age, denominational affiliation, or church membership.


Weddings are joyous times in the life of our church family. If you are planning a wedding and are interested in celebrating it here, please contact Benita Sebesta in the church office for information regarding available dates.

Information regarding our wedding policy may be obtained from our wedding brochure, available here. Wedding fees and registration forms are available here. (Last updated 2016-2017)


When a death occurs, know that the pastors and staff of Christ Church consider it a great privilege to minister to you and your family. As such, we hope that you will notify the church as soon as possible so that a pastor can be in touch with you. You will want to contact a local funeral home as well.

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