We are guided in our understanding of giving by II Corinthians 8. Through Scripture, we understand that giving can be a source of joy and blessing. Giving hurts when it is done out of a spirit of obligation and asks, “How little can I get away with giving?”. Giving is a joy and blessing when done out of a spirit of gratefulness for all that God has given us and asks: “How generous can I be in my giving?”. We understand that this approach to giving can be followed whether personal resources are few or great. We look to the Biblical standard of the tithe.

The people of the Old Testament observed the practice of giving the first ten percent of the harvest back to God through their gifts to the temple. Jesus affirmed this practice in his teaching. We regard the tithe not as the maximum to be attained but as the minimum that is expected of all believers. We encourage all believers who are not tithing to grow in their financial stewardship in ways that will make tithing possible.

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