GIFT (Give In Faith Today) is an alternative gifts program that makes it easy to honor and remember people special in your life while also making a gift to a favorite charity. This program was first introduced in the fall of 1993 with a slogan for ‘from me to you from others’ and has been ongoing since that time.



GIFT is the perfect solution to the following:

+ My grandmother really doesn’t have much space, but I want to remember her with more than just some candy or flowers.

+ I want to give something to my new friend but I don’t want her to feel obligated to reciprocate.

+ My son’s faith friend has made a difference in his life and I want to acknowledge that.

+ My brothers and I have decided to stop exchanging gifts to simplify our lives but I feel uncomfortable doing nothing for Christmas and birthdays.

Ordering is easy

> Download our Catalog of gifts here. Catalogs can also be found in the literature racks around the church.

> Select your gift and the amount for each recipient.

> Complete the order form in the catalog and return it to the church office, or visit here to complete an online order.

With each gift you will receive a personalized card for that person which will normally be ready for pick-up at the church within 2-3 business days after your order is received. For a more immediate gift, select a gift card from the GIFT bin in the church office and complete the form found there to record your donation. You will still have the gift card to send, without the personalization.

Team Leader: Debbie Straw

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