Telephone Reassurance Program

Meals on Wheels is looking for people to help with their NEW Telephone Reassurance program. Due to COVID-19, seniors now only get a weekly visit instead of daily, so hearing a friendly voice would be encouraging. To volunteer, contact Ann Rogers at

About Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels works in conjunction with Fort Bend Seniors to deliver meals to home bound seniors in the Fort Bend area. A small time commitment provides a much needed service for our elderly friends.

Prepared meals are picked up in coolers at the side entrance of Christ Church. Volunteers tend to travel in pairs with one driving and the other one getting out to deliver the meal to the recipient. Meals are usually picked up between 9:30 – 10 am and the routes are finished by noon.

The seniors are all so appreciative, and some volunteers have even become close friends with some of the seniors. It is wonderful to know that these mostly homebound senior citizens are receiving a hot meal each day as well as having contact with another person. The seniors also bless the lives of the volunteers much more than any of them realize.

For more info, email Team Leader: Sue Lang




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