Soles for Souls
Provides new tennis shoes and socks for students serviced through FBISD Shared Dreams and LCISD Common Threads programs. Soles also provides shoes on an as-needed basis for families in the Fort Bend Family Promise program and other ministries as requested. Soles for Souls holds a yearly campaign in August to collect new tennis shoes, socks and accept money donations. Soles for Souls is also in the Gifts Unto Others catalog as an alternative gift selection for people.

FBISD Shared Dreams is a program that provides clothing (mostly gently used) and toiletries for students in need in our school district. It is hard for us to realize that almost 1/3 of the students in our district live at or below poverty level. The new shoes are the highlight of the visit for many of the students because it is one of the few times that they receive a new pair of shoes. Christ Church is the largest single contributor of new shoes to the Shared Dreams program and tends to concentrate on providing shoes during the fall session.

LCISD Common Threads is similar to Shared Dreams in providing clothing (most of the elementary schools are uniformed) to qualified students. Common Threads holds a Back-to-School Distribution event the 2 weeks before school starts. This allows students to have clothing, backpacks, and school supplies to begin the school year. Students may also be serviced for a winter distribution where they receive pants, long sleeved garments, and jackets. There is also a spring distribution after Spring Break where spring clothing is offered.

Team Leader: Norma Mendez at 281.687.0961


If you would like to help fund Soles for Souls, please click here and select ‘Missions Donations’ and type ‘Soles for Souls’ in the memo line.



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