Supply Our Students (S.O.S.) provides new prepackaged school supplies for students in need in Fort Bend ISD and Stafford Municipal School District. This mission works in conjunction with East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry. Christ Church provides the financial support to purchase the school supplies, and the campaign runs once a year in July. S.O.S. is another selection in the Gifts Unto Others catalog.

This mission was started almost 10 years ago by three church members who recognized the importance for all students to start the school year with required school supplies. Helping local students start off the school year with confidence is the goal of S.O.S. (Supply Our Students). Please join us for another year of caring for individual students at our local schools. Donations can be made out to "Christ Church" and marked “S.O.S.,” or you can give online.

Questions? Check out our FAQ.

Team Leader: Pam Bluestein


If you would like to help fund Supply Our Students, please click here and select ‘Missions Donations’ and type ‘S.O.S.’ in the memo line.


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