Christ Church recognizes the importance of prayer individually and in community. We have several different ministries committed to praying for our members, our church, those in our community and world. If God has given you a heart for prayer, consider joining one of our prayer ministries. If you have a concern you would like lifted up in prayer, submit your prayer request online. For additional information, please contact Michelle Hall, 281.980.6888 or

Altar Prayer

Connect people in need with the power and presence of God. Just reach out your hands at the altar rail during Communion or after worship and an altar prayer partner will pray with you.

Care Team

Meets Monday mornings at 10:00 am to share in a time of devotion and to provide an update on those that they are praying with and for as well as to receive new prayer requests.

Hearts of Grace

Meets Wednesday mornings to lift up congregational prayer requests, the church's ministries and other concerns.

Pray Now!

Ready to pray at a moment's notice for those in crisis due to an emergency situation, accident, tragedy, or sudden loss. These volunteers, who come from all of Christ Church's present Member Care ministries and from Sunday School classes and other groups, are notified of emergency situations via email, once the person in crisis contacts the church office at 281.980.6888 and gives his or her permission for those on this team to be notified. Persons requesting this team to "stop and pray" should consider that information will be shared and may eventually spread to other prayer teams in the community.

For those wanting to keep their situation confidential, the online Prayer Request remains the best option.

Contact Information

For more information on our Prayer Ministries, please contact:

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