A Basketball League for Kindergarten – 6th Grade!

Upward Basketball is designed to build athletic skills, character, confidence, and spirit. It provides a great experience that grows with young athletes over time by using an age appropriate format.  Christ church is currently making plans for our fifth season of Upward Basketball this fall! Due to the changing circumstances surrounding the Covid pandemic, we are taking extra time to be sure to offer Upward at Christ Church in the best way for all.


Important Dates

2021-2022 Christ Church Upward Basketball Season

Evaluations: Oct 23 or 30

Select Evaluation Time

Practices Game Day
Nov 9-11 ---
Nov 16-18 ---
Nov 30-Dec 1 Dec 4
Dec 7-9 Dec 11
Jan 4-6 Jan 8
Jan 11-13 Jan 15
Jan 18-20 Jan 22
Feb 1-3 Feb 5
Feb 8-10 Feb 12


Practice Schedule:
  • Each division will have it’s own practice night, either Tue, Wed, or Thur.  2 teams practice at same time for 1 hour.  Which night each division will practice will be based on coach availability.   
  • If for some reason practice night is held on a night you can not support, we will issue a refund if you would need to withdraw from the league.


Early registration discount if before 10/9/2021


If interested in coaching or refereeing on weekly basis, contact Brandon Sisley to receive a discount for player registration.

Volunteer Forms

If you are volunteering during Upward Basketball, we will need you to look over and complete the below forms.

Christ Church Safe Sanctuary Policy

Background Check Authorization Form


Division Court Size Game Format Goal Height Ball Size Score Kept Rules
K5 Short Court Six 4 min periods, running clock 7 ft Size 4-25.5" No Level 1
1-2 Grade Short Court Six 6 min periods, running clock 8 ft Size 4-25.5" No Level 2
3-4 Grade Full Court Six 6 min periods, running clock 9 ft Size 6-28.5" (Women's Ball) Yes Level 3
5-6 Grade Full Court Four 6 min quarters, clock stops on whistle 10 ft Size 7-29.5" (Men's Ball) Yes Level 4

Frequently Asked Questions

Upward Sports partners with local churches to leverage sports to connect families and build community.  Upward creates the program infrastructure and logics to combine sports to share the gospel and promote the discovery of Jesus in every community.
Christ Church has the facilities and desire to offer this basketball program to our community.  We hope that through this basketball program you can be introduced to us and you may become interested in partnering with us in other areas of worship, missions, or community service.
All practices and games are held in Christ Church Sugar Land Covenant Hall (Gym).

Address:  3300 Austin Parkway Sugar Land, TX 77479

All of our divisions are co-ed and boys and girls play together at all ages.  Our league is not big enough to have separate offerings for boys and girls.  Historically about 20-25% of players are girls.

Every player must be evaluated.  The evaluations consist of several timed stations (1 min or less) where we record each kid's performance of speed, dribbling ability, and shooting.  We use these scores to split up teams as evenly as possible.  Our goal is to have even teams.  Even teams lead to the best competition and most enjoyment for the kids.  The evaluation should take approximately 10 minutes per kid. Each player only needs to attend one evaluation per season.
We make sure siblings in the same division are assigned to the same team. If you have special car pool needs, we allow you to make those requests and try our best to honor them.  However, we can not always honor friend requests to have kids in the same school or class to all be together.  Our main goal is to create even teams, and honoring friend requests can cause the talent pool to be unevenly distributed.  Uneven teams in turn lead to lopsided games, which generates unhappy kids and parents.

The general league calendar and schedule is below.  See Important Dates section for exact dates for this season.  We normally play 8 games, practice for a couple of weeks beforehand, and break for Thanksgiving week and 3 weeks of Christmas and New Years.

  • Aug - October: Registrations
  • Mid-late October: Evaluations
  • Mid-November: Weekday Practice Only
  • Break for Thanksgiving Week
  • 1st 2 weeks of  December: Weekday Practice and Saturday Games
  • 3 Week Christmas / New Years Break
  • 6 Weeks Jan - Mid Feb: Weekday Practice and Saturday Games 

Practices have historically been held on Tues or Thurs, but Wed maybe an option based on coaches as player availability.  Two teams practice at the same time, each getting a half court to practice on.  There are also multiple waves of practices a night.  The K5 division does not practice during the week but has practice time before their game on Saturday.

Coaches, referees, and other league officials are all volunteers.  Traditionally most coaches are parents of players, and most referees have been volunteers from the church.  But this is not always the case and if you have the desire, your help would greatly be appreciated.  Parent volunteers who are willing to help on a regular basis as a coach or referee can receive a discount on player registration.  All coaches and referees attend a training session.  All coaches also have a background check performed.  Please contact upwardbb@christchurchsl.org for details.
Yes.  The Upward Basketball program is a great environment for players to learn how to play the game of basketball and develop their skills.  The rules change based on age to allow the player progress at the correct level.  Especially for younger kids, smaller balls and lower goals allow the kids to develop proper shooting techniques when compared to other youth basketball programs.  While we plan to provide a wholesome, clean, uplifting, and fun atmosphere for both players and parents to enjoy basketball, we do take opportunities to share the hope and joy we have in Christ.  Examples are short 5 minute devotions during practices, short talks at halftime, and Star rewards for players after games.
If you wish to withdraw from the league before practices start we can issue a full refund via check.  If you wish to withdraw after practices have started, we can issue a partial refund since uniforms and other materials have been ordered.
Please direct any questions to Christ Church Upward Basketball Commissioner Brandon Sisley at upwardbb@christchurchsl.org.

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